About Us

Christ Life Missions is an emerging, global, kingdom organization anchored in Wichita, KS, USA with a mandate to advance the kingdom of God and steward the revelation of Jesus Christ. This mandate is anchored to our core Ethos and actualized through our four-fold mission to connect, disciple, equip and send. We are not building a ministry, we are establishing a trans-generational platform to herald the unfolding revelation of God’s eternal purpose in Christ, and advance His kingdom towards the finish of the age.


Our operations are anchored to four key principles that define our mandate and form our governing ethos.

  • The Eternal Purpose of God – that Jesus Christ would have the preeminence in all things and that He is the mystery God is revealing to the world, through the church.
  • Advancing the Kingdom of God – the people of God has the responsibility to co-labor with Him to increase the rule and reign of King Jesus in all societal sectors.
  • Activating Every Believer in the Mission of God – equipping, discipling, and releasing believers into their God-ordained destiny with a view towards corporate maturity.
  • Finishing the Present Age – aligning the church to her intended destiny to finish God’s purpose through the release of apostolic capacity and prophetic decree.


Building a relational network of kingdom-minded communities, organizations, and individuals for greater corporate leverage in the purposes of God.

Honoring the principles of…

  • Core apostolic/prophetic leadership.
  • Plural eldership & local autonomy.
  • Shared resource within a borderless context.
  • Oneness of spirit, heart and mind.

Our future vision includes the development of regional basecamps for equipping, impartation and cohesion.


Obeying Jesus’ command to disciple the nations by developing indigenous leaders who will be faithful to mentor their neighbors, villages, and cities.

Teaching and Modeling…

  • A resurrected, overcoming lifestyle.
  • Intentional holiness and pursuit of maturity.
  • Alignment to individual assignment.
  • A Kingdom ethos and culture.

We are laboring diligently to present everyone complete in Christ, knowing that disicpleship is key to maturity.


Engaging and mending the saints to equip them for works of service by developing local communities that exude Kingdom culture and ethos.

Fostering relationships that impart…

  • Apostolic power, synergy, order and revelation.
  • Prophetic alignment to the present purpose of God.
  • Evangelistic creativity and expression of the gospel.
  • The Shepherding heart to care, feed and guide.
  • The burden for correct Teaching, doctrine and practice.

We are developing environments that exude Kingdom culture and ethos.


Facilitating missional potential by actualizing individuals in their respective grace and assignment. Releasing the missionary in every believer.
Fostering the identification and release of individual assignments that..

  • Ensure allegiance to Jesus and the purpose of God.
  • Activate trans-generational potential.
  • Are free from self-preservation.
  • Provide ongoing support and accountability.

We seek to release the saints unto their respective mission according to their measure of grace and faith.

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Christ Life Missions
PO Box 12401
Wichita, KS 67212

(316) 722-0774


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