Vision, Values & Ethos


A Mature, Global, Corporate Expression of Christ.


  • The Preeminence of Christ
    We exist to produce a mature corporate man that manifests Christ in the earth. This requires a consistent, intentional focus on the eternal purpose of God and the revelation of Jesus Christ – not programs or services.
  • Spiritual and Natural Development
    We endeavor to establish environments wherein every believer is discipled, equipped and activated for service. Founded in the revelation of being a new creation, believers are developed spiritually toward a place of spiritual and natural wholeness; effectively manifesting Christ in His resurrection.
  • Corporate Maturity and Activation
    We foster and expect corporate cohesion, and movement toward maturity with a view to the finish of this age. The larger corporate framework provides a context of safety, strength and revelation by drawing from a greater resource of grace.
  • Headship & Plurality in Leadership
    Local congregations are overseen by a plural eldership and leaders who function within a greater apostolic context. Among this group of leaders there is a respect and honor according to recognized grace, wherein functional headship exists.
  • Shared Resource
    We are built through covenant relationships as every member supplies according to their proper function. An environment of natural and spiritual shared resource must exist. Everyone must work and give.
  • Unified Vision
    We establish clearly articulated vision that permeates the heart of every member. The whole community speaks with one voice, serves with one heart and is fixed on one vision: the revelation of Jesus Christ.


Ethos is the fundamental character and disposition that defines a community. Our Kingdom Community ethos is described as relational, missional and borderless.

  • Relational
    All function proceeds from relationship: with Jesus first, then with one another. To become a mature corporate man as expressed in Eph. 4:1-16, requires that every believer cultivate these two relationships such that we, both individually and corporately, can be presented complete in Christ. This requires relentless individual pursuit of Christ and the intentional corporate interdependence.
  • Missional
    We believe the mission of God is bound to His eternal purpose: to glorify and reveal Himself as Christ, through His corporate body, to the earth, unto the finishing of this age. This realization forms the foundation for the functional aspects of our faith such as evangelism, discipleship, service and kingdom advancement.
  • Borderless
    We affirm there are no geographical, societal or racial borders to the kingdom. The culture of the kingdom expresses the reality that as the people of God we are a royal priesthood, holy nation and chosen race. As a new creation people our natural cultures are subordinate to the culture from above.

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