Amazing Love Academy

Amazing Love Academy

Amazing Love Academy: Kitale, Kenya

Project Brief

  • Description
    We are partnering with Kenyan nationals to develop a private Christian school in Kitale, Kenya.This project will provide 30 children with a high-quality education, preparing them to be long-term, contributing members of their community. Project costs include funding the initial two-year period, development of sustainability plan, and onsite training by project director.In order to make this project self-sustaining the plan is to offset ongoing costs through school fees and maize harvesting.
  • Target Date
    This project was launched 01.02.2012. We are believing God for full funding by 11.01.2012. Our self-sustaining target date is 01.01.2014.
  • Projected Budget
    To facilitate the first two years and begin maize harvesting we are projecting a budget of $15,800.
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Contact Info

Christ Life Missions
PO Box 12401
Wichita, KS 67212

(316) 722-0774


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