What is Kingdom Community?

Kingdom Community as a corporate expression of the kingdom of God produced through a convergence of a core leadership team and interconnected groups of Christ-followers, dynamically engaged in expressing His Kingdom in the earth, manifesting the revelation of Jesus Christ and the pursuing ultimate finish of this age. We affirm that the kingdom of God resides within believers and seeks to express all His divine attributes through the corporate manifestation of our King Jesus Christ.

The nature of Kingdom Community is produced through the organic building of believers together into a mature corporate man. Kingdom Community exhibits both externally unique and internally uniform qualities. For us, uniqueness is expressed through local Kingdom expressions while uniformity is expressed through our common Vision, Values and Ethos. The entire network relates to our core Leadership Team that serves to guide and equip leaders, steward the overall vision, and provide internal network stability.

When We Say Kingdom

The kingdom of God is manifest when His will, authority, and attributes are dynamically expressed through a corporate people. As we are conformed to the death of Christ, His life is revealed in and through us: first individually, then corporately. The kingdom grows externally as God’s people are transformed internally, therefore true Kingdom Community life challenges and encourages the saints to press ever deeper into Christ.

We agree with the prophet Daniel who saw that in the last days there would arise a kingdom that would put an end to all worldly kingdoms. We agree with Isaiah who prophesied that in the midst of deep darkness the people of God will shine and kings will be drawn to the brightness of our rising. We agree with the Lord Jesus who said it is our Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. We are a kingdom community and we invite you to walk with us!

When We Say Community

For us, community is not merely a replacement word for “church” but an entirely new way of expressing Christ corporately. Community is people growing in life together, bearing one another’s burdens, embracing one another’s passion and grace, encouraging one another in love and good works, and collectively engaging the purposes of God in their generation.

Walking in community requires transparency and accountability, honesty and openness, inconvenience and sacrifice. One cannot merely come to a “service” and be one of the crowd, but every member is called upon to actively contribute emotionally, spiritually, naturally and financially. The reward is an interdependent relationship with other believers who truly love one another with sincerity of heart, and are advancing the kingdom purposes of God in the earth.

Our community gather in unique ways and flow with the life of God’s Spirit, while being anchored to a core ethos and leadership that forms the skeletal structure upon which the corporate man is grown. For us, community is not without form, structure and direction. Rather, as with all living things, we internalize that which gives us form so that the expression of life revealed externally can interact with it’s environment.

Entering Into Relationship

We believe in God-ordained connections that develop over time and through direct interaction. Churches, congregations, or individuals desiring to establish relationship please fill out our online Request for Relationship.

Following are the fundamental aspects of entering relationship.

  • Willingness to align with our common core ethos and values, and form a functional relationship with our leadership team.
  • Evidence of a transformed lifestyle expressed through the character, integrity, and fidelity of the individual or leaders.
  • Stated intent to enter a one-year mutual assessment period to determine relational validity.

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