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We believe the Kingdom of God is systematically overtaking the kingdoms of this world through the activation of the saints towards the emergence of a mature corporate expression that impacts every societal sector. The advance His Kingdom begins with the development of strong, accurate local expressions of the Kingdom of God that equip the people of God and establish an earthly pattern of the heavens. The outworking of His Kingdom follows through the activation of each believer in the mission of God as they engage their respective environment.

The outworking of our mandate is currently being realized through the following initiatives.

Global Kingdom Community

  • Connecting congregations and individuals around the world through shared values, vision, and resource.
  • Helping congregations and leaders shift to more accurate Kingdom postures both individually and corporately.
  • Establishing a unified, global voice and presence to leverage greater impact for the Kingdom of God.
  • Releasing ascension gift (Eph. 4) capacity for growth towards corporate maturity.

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Praxis – A Visioneering Initiative

  • Engineering the vision capacity of indigenous leaders for the furtherance of the kingdom of God through socio-economic initiatives.
  • Partnering with entrepreneurs in developing countries through micro-finance with a view towards building indigenous capacity to transform cities from within.
  • Developing and funding sustainable projects that enhance the quality of human living.
  • Partnering with local leaders to develop centers of education for children, adults, and leaders.

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  • Equipping, empowering and releasing young adults to fulfill their God-ordained destiny.
  • Facilitating and supporting innovative, visionary, next-generation leaders.
  • Conducting Intensive Discipleship Encounters to infuse next-generation leaders with kingdom foundations and principles, and release them into the earth.

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